Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Stupid Goals

When you're female, "I want" or "I wish" or "I like" seems to be interpreted as = I DEMAND YOU GET ME THIS OR I WILL CRY. Thank you for that, spoiled girls.

I keep my suitcase in the house where I can see it so I don't give up. I have a lot of stupid things I want, such as to be able to go to Gary Con, Origins, and GenCon every year. To buy a MacBook Pro, go back to school, and learn how to make amazing art like Jolly and Face and Dan do. To get my DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster). To be able to buy a plane ticket to Chicago when I want (Goddamn it, I have 25% of a cabin there and some cave crickets...^^) or to Disney World or Hawaii.

It's all dumb, but I talk about it anyway so I don't surrender to the mundane. Get up, go to work, sleep, repeat, infinity. I don't want to be a mean old bitch.

If I wish for something or say I want it, it isn't a demand that I get it. It's just a wish.