Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I almost got three of them.

Takane, the recipient of that compound fracture in last week's session, had to stay out of combat this time. When the party ran into three ghouls inside a beachside cave, all she could do was stay outside and protect some of the locals.

And I almost got all three in the cave...if not for one extra meta-game effect.

I'm not certain if this adventure is too difficult with regard to the number of undead. I planned high due to the presence of the powerful Merciful Fate in the group. Without her, maybe three ghouls was unfair? Encounter balance is tough to figure out in a game with at least one atypical character. Aside from the cleric, there's a Dwarf fighter with nearly perfect stats.

Maybe it shouldn't have gotten that bad to begin with and it was lucky they had Face's Honorary Knight mulligan. That's a meta-game effect I can do nothing about. :)