Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Kenzer Con 2012

Table KC.1: Roll 1d20p

1.       Drive 5 hours on I-84 to Salt Lake City. View sagebrush.
2.       Catch flight from SLC to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The international terminal where the ginormous plane lands is new and exceptionally shiny. 
3.       Flight to Milwaukee delayed for unknown reasons. Gate agent is not present to possibly reroute you to Chicago. Roll again. Gate agent returns, but her feet hurt. Roll again. Tweet Delta hoping for a gate agent to run the flight. Maybe there are no Delta employees in Atlanta? ^^
4.       You get less than seven hours sleep before the con begins. Roll 1d4 to see if Pepsi is available at the Mexican Bakery down the street from the Kenzer & Company office. 1: Pepsi, 2: Coke, 3: Arizona Fruit Punch, 4: Cream filled pastry.
5.       Roll 1d4 for table assignment:
1.       Steve Johansson has your Dwarf thrown in jail.
2.       Try and take the Mountain from co-GMs Barb and Jolly.
3.       Steve Lawrence and the Steve Lawrence Special: First electronic battle board to make it out of the “I want to build an electronic battle board” planning phase.
4.       Arena combat with Jerimy and a band of bloodthirsty gladiators.
6.       Get lunch at Little Caesars.  Parallel Park skill check Average difficulty if guided by friend with Advanced skill mastery or better.
7.       Auction. Outbid everyone and take home the first copy of the HackMaster Player’s Handbook to come off the press. Signed. Win Kenzer Con. Live happily ever after.
8.       Visit the Kenzer & Company Warehouse and see the original hand-painted Kingdoms of Kalamar map created in the days before Photoshop.
9.       Discuss cats and homeowner mysteries with Mark Plemmons while he attacks the Mountain.
10.   You locate a good Chinese place for dinner with friends Geekbert and Snorky. Get Pepsi and fortune cookies. 1d6p hit points restored.
11.   Get a cool spot by the door to Jolly’s office. Watch auction part 2. Notice Jolly’s office has all of the air conditioning and stay there for remainder of evening. 1d8 hit points restored.
12.   You find a good place to eat after the con, but they do not have Sweet Tea. Roll 1d100 to teach the waitress how to make it. 1-99: she humors you. 100: She runs to the store and buys you a fruit punch.
13.   Return home. Scale ladder to loft. Fall asleep listening to the air conditioner. Get seven hours of sleep plus 1d4 more.
14.   Jolly and Barb cheeseburgers for lunch. Eat all the Doritos! You find 1d12 beers in the refrigerator left from last visit. A result of 11-12 means Woodchuck Cider was found.
15.   Fumble attempt to tell lies in a game of Who Would Win. Discover that only certain people are allowed to lie. Your lies are patiently corrected by another participant.
16.   Brian Jelke brings over a copy of The Great Space Race. Eight ships battle to survive two laps. Win by piloting the only original ship in the game. 
17.   Go through a stack of Jolly’s maps and sketches. Receive an original drawing of Bob surprised by Colonel Prowler! Win the Day After Kenzer Con. Live happily ever after again.
18.   Stay up too late. Lose 1d6 hours of sleep. Pack by stuffing everything in the suitcase. 1d2 chance of a Callie award mysteriously ending up in the suitcase.
19.   Repeat 18 hour day of travel to get home. You find amazing Asian food in ATL along with Freestyle Coke machines. 1d4 hit points restored by Raspberry Coke. 1d6 hit points lost from stomach churning turbulent landing in SLC.
20.   Road trip home. Detour 1 hour to Pocatello to deliver the only Aces & Eights GM screen to its new owner. +2 to Honor. Plan to attend Kenzer Con next year.

Steve running HackMaster in the conference room.

On my desk!!!

George (left) and Dave with the original map of Tellene.
Delivering the A&E GM screen.