Thursday, June 21, 2012

This is a pet post... fair warning.
From left: Miu, Krystal Meth, and Obie
Miu finally has a nice place to rest, in the garden outside her favorite window.

She wasn't really my cat, but I helped take care of her. And I think she liked me a little. Polly is a lot like her--just not in the looks department. Polly hits the dog in the head like Miu used to do to Obie. ^^

Miu and Krystal called a temporary truce over the Mickey Mouse Blanket.

The part that kills me is, the last morning I saw her, I knew she was dying but I couldn't call work and tell them I'd be late. I'm too obedient, too lame. I always forget everything except doing what I'm told. We only had one car then and Face had to take me to work, so he wasn't there with Miu when she died. She wasn't totally alone. Krystal and Obie were in the house...I get a little bit of happiness from that. There were other kitties there. I petted her and said good-bye. It just wasn't fair that Face had to come home alone and find her gone. I'm really sorry for that. He should have been the one to say good-bye. And that's my fault for being too regimented to even have the idea to make an exception.

I've been kind of useless all day.

Scan of a picture of Miu taken shortly after adopting her. :)

btw, Miu had the best cat bed ever:

It's a big stuffed tiger Face gave me for my birthday. Miu decided it was her bed. I still have it in my office. There is a worn spot on the back where she used to sleep.