Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I want a MacBook Air. I've wanted one since they came out. Something about a computer that fits in a big envelope amuses me.

I don't have a good reason to get one. I've always used PCs. I guess that right there might be a reason to get a MacBook--to learn about something new. Face has a few electronics for the exclusive purpose of playing with them. He says it's in case anyone asks for his advice about a product, but let's be honest: it's fun.

I never made a conscious choice to use a PC. My first access to computers was during a time Apple was not a major player. No one had a Mac except Dad, who brought a retired one home from work because he liked it so much more than the PC that replaced it.

I'm also surrounded by PC/Android fans with a few notable exceptions. I won't name names. For the most part, mention Mac and get scoffed at. iPads and iPods are okay...but Macs are crap!! And so are iPhones!! The peer pressure is intense.

Yet I am drawn to the thin little computer...

I have the option to get one right now and I'm tempted. I'm posting this so everyone can scoff at me, but also because this was in my fortune cookie tonight (see picture). I made a HackMaster Fortune out of it before I realized what it could mean. Cookies are pretty honest. It's those lying cakes you have to watch out for.