Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kenzer Con!

Anxiety Kitty
I'm at the Kenzer Mini-Con this weekend. What is Kenzer Con? It is an open house at the Kenzer and Company warehouse.

The D-Team will run HackMaster and we get to play ALL DAY. The Anxiety Monster that lives in my head has decided this is to be stressed out about. I'm not sure if I play HackMaster all that... well. ^^ I'm just not one of those Guys on the Forums who memorized the whole rule book nor do I have the desire to smack down those like me who struggle with it. It's more fun to play than fight about rules. So suck it, Guys on the Forums. I'm going to play anyway. Terribly. ;)

Only 50 people get to attend this con. We lucked out. Face snagged the last two spots. He didn't have a plan for getting us there beyond the hope that "something would happen" to make it possible. That would be I bought the tickets. Call it payback--not enough--for the trips he took me on. He took me to Hawaii and Disney World. I'm never going to be able to get us to Europe, but at least I can do this one cool thing.

Three major cities later, here we are. ;) More pictures on the way...