Monday, May 07, 2012

I saw "The Avengers" twice...

...this weekend. Everyone did that, right? Except for the people who saw it three times? I carried a pair of tickets to the midnight show around in my wallet for a month, requested a day off from work, and waited an hour in a theater filled with hopped up teens and their smartphones.

Midnight shows are the most fun and worth the extra effort. In spite of the packed theater, I didn't notice as many people texting during the movie. It seems like midnight audiences are a little more devoted to the movie because we want to be first. Or maybe I was being super unobservant because of all the superheroes on the screen.

The best stuff, at least for me, was getting that many favorite characters in one story AND coming away feeling like all of them were given enough time. A close second was watching all of them interact with Thor and Loki. Especially Loki. Especially the Hulk interacting with Thor and Loki. And that's as much as I can say without giving too much away.

There is a good lesson in building an adventuring party to be found in this movie. You can't force a group to work together. The best a GM can do is assemble the group and give them something to work on. Ultimately, its up to the players. A team evolves over time and it isn't always going to be free of conflict. I'd like to talk about The Avengers motivation...but it's too soon. *sob*

Now lets all go get some schwarma...