Saturday, May 12, 2012

I attended my first Toastmasters District Conference...

...this weekend. I heard some great speeches and learned a few things that I can bring to the HMA. And I missed all the things I love about Salt Lake City thanks to the tight schedule.

Place is important. So is time. I usually visit SLC in May, but it's for Memorial Day weekend. I spend that time with friends and also have some traditions. Eat at Buca de Beppo, Bruges Waffkes and Frites, and Tucanos. Check out the games and comics at Hastur Hobbies. Stay at a certain Marriott Residence Inn that lets us have the breakfast room for HackMaster. Pretend I'm all glam and shop at the Gateway Mall.

Origins is scheduled for the first weekend in June this year, effectively canceling the Memorial Day trip for the first time since I started playing HackMaster. And I know I was here for Toastmasters and not the usual thing. I still felt the impulse to do all of the usual stuff. I did make it to Bruges for a Machine Gun sandwich and to Gateway for a jacket (forgot mine). But I didn't see my friends or get a waffle and that made me sad.

Place and time of year are important. And unlike Memorial Day didn't snow. ;) I did get to see one of my favorite mountains on the drive in. Proof of geology. :)