Thursday, May 31, 2012


A grilled cheese sandwich saved my life in 2006.

This is why I go to Best of the Wurst every year and get a grilled cheese. Best of the Wurst is located at the North Market in Columbus, Ohio. North Market is across the street from the Greater Columbus Convention Center, where Origins is held. The Market is the best place to get a quick lunch between events. In the past, I've GM'd "Learn to Hack" sessions from 9am to 1pm and HackMaster tournaments from 2pm to 6pm, leaving me with a short hour to eat and recover. (It's harder than you might think to run a role playing game for four hours.) I was happy to know where to get a good lunch.

The North Market has a lot to offer, including things like sushi, gyros, fish, and great cookies...that I'm going back for, dammit, I don't care how many snacks we have in the room. Last year, I ventured away from Best of the Wurst a few times to try hummus and the BBQ place for a change. I'm getting to know the market well enough to find the stuff I like.

In 2006, the first time I went to Origins, it was another thing altogether. I was with Face and our friends Joe and Bethany. (I miss you guys! Wish you were here!) We found the market easily enough. I don't remember if someone told us about it or if we discovered it walking out to the car. That was the only year we stayed at a hotel that wasn't within walking distance.

In spite of the variety of foods at the market, I am not adventurous. I don't like fiery hot things and at first glance it seemed like the only things available were insanely spicy things from Asia and Latin America and India. Which is good for every other person on the planet except me--or so it feels like. So I don't find it fun to eat while my nose drips and my tongue burns and nothing helps except cramming more bread in my mouth. So I'm lame. Anyway, we ordered Mexican food and I got the "mild" burrito because mild should only be a little bit spicy.

Nope, turned out that "mild" was so hot I thought I picked up Face's dinner by mistake. Turned out that his "hot" burrito was even more flaming-hot, but he could take it.

I tried to tough it out so the food wasn't wasted. Finally, Bethany made me go look for something else. I wandered around the market for a while looking for something truly boring and came across the grilled cheese at Best of the Worst. At this point, my mouth hurt so bad, it was the only sandwich on the menu I thought I could eat. Even a bratwurst would have killed me. After the intense pain of the allegedly mild burrito, the grilled cheese was the Best Sammich Ever.

Okay, it's not like I would've died without it, or anything, but it was awesome.