Wednesday, April 11, 2012


<---- Exciting thing from @Kenzerco via Twitter today.

This is the whole Player's Handbook in PDF form. Looks great on an iPad. Years of fun in 400+ pages. Worth a follow for a chance to win.

I got the PDF in the alpha stage back in August 2011. It's been on my iPad at the game table ever since. This was the only way to go, of course, since a book couldn't be printed until it was written. ;)

Is it time for that fight about technology at the table? Last week Gen Con asked if anyone used Twitter during a game. I replied that I did. Then I read some of the other replies and discovered this makes me "a douchebag."

In my defense, I'm a girl, so the proper term of derision is "bitch." Second, if anyone in my group is offended by it, they haven't spoken up. In fact, most of us post funny quotes or incidents from the game. If even a single player was against it, I wouldn't allow anyone to tweet during the game and we'd save it for after. It hasn't been that much of a distraction, but now that I know I'm douchey, I'll be asking the group if it has to stop.

I'm sad that the HackMaster community does not talk about the game very much outside of the Kenzer & Company forums. I get it--its safe there. I started looking for Dungeons & Dragons players on Twitter because they were discussing their game...and playing, DMing, everything. The problem with "safe" insulated places like the forums is membership is required. Twitter is a conversation anyone can join. I post quotes from my game in the hope other GMs will do the same thing and we can talk about it.

For this reason and the shiny PHB PDF on my iPad, I allow tech at the table. My group has demonstrated an ability to handle it. There was an "incident" with Angry Birds, but I'm bitch enough to end the session if the distractions are too much competition.

The PHB PDF is easy to navigate on the iPad. It saves me a lot of time in page flipping. Once I find the information I need, I can zoom in on it, leave it open on the table, and bookmark it for later. I use iBooks and iAnnotate PDF. Everyone has their favorite app--those work for me.

I don't care if players send a tweet from the game as long as its done when the player isn't expected to be doing anything game-related. I don't think its "douchey" if the group agrees to it. The iPad is useful and as long as the book exists solely in PDF form, its tough to say no to laptops and phones. I don't expect anyone to actually print a copy of a 400+ page PDF. ;) I expect people to...have fun. Laying down all kinds of extra rules doesn't contribute to the fun. Be considerate, tweet during a break or when your PC is asleep or knocked out by a failed threshold of pain check. While you're doing that, follow @Kenzerco and retweet to win a PHB PDF. ^^