Sunday, April 01, 2012

Ninja Dreams

Why do we wish each other sweet dreams when we can have ninja dreams?

My dreams are so mundane. My top five:

1. One of the cats got out of the house and I have to find her.
2. I have a project to do at work.
3. We lost the house and have to move into a tiny apartment.
4. I'm late for work.
5. I'm out with my friends and they leave me somewhere. I can't find them again.

I imagine ninja dreams might be about ninjas...with mobile suits. And princes. Maybe fighting orcs in the Legasa Peaks. The cats are safe. The house is still ours. I haven't been abandoned. ;) Real life is getting too real. That's probably what my brain decides to process at night since I spend my days pondering how many orcs the party can handle on Sunday.

I'll let that be the reason.

Game was cancelled tonight with one sick player and another travelling.