Saturday, April 21, 2012

HackMaster Blogs

I've been asked a couple of times if I know of anyone else blogging about HackMaster. Here are the two links I can share.

Face set up a blog for our home group The "Boise Incident" Instigators. It has been taken down and the posts incorporated into his personal blog Not-so-Random Musings.

Our friend and fellow HackMaster Association Member Greylond started up a blog this week to cover the adventures of his new group on Google+ Hangouts. You can read about their adventures at Learn to Hack: Frandor's Keep. This group is just starting out making it a good time to start reading.

Both of these links are available in the sidebar... ------------->

I'd love to hear about other HackMaster blogs. If you find one, please share in the comments and I'll be sure to link to it and Tweet about my 11 followers that are not bots. The important thing talk about it. I make an attempt to keep my blog somewhat on topic. Occasionally the site gets hacked by toy posts and Gundam Wing. Not my fault. Bandits did it. Came out of nowhere... ;)

We're starting the Origins adventure playtest tomorrow. I'm not sure if this will be a tournament or simply a game as the HMA seems to be moving away from tournaments for the time being. This isn't a bad idea. The organization has weathered a great deal of tournament related drama in the past. Whatever it ends up being called, we'll have a couple tables available and the idea would be to...sit down, roll some dice, and have a lot of fun playing! :)

I'd like to bring back the World Open tournament format. The idea was to hold an event that anyone could play, anywhere in the world. Many HMA members can't make it to Origins and Gen Con where the big events were traditionally held. Here's how it worked: A group signed up for the tournament and the adventure was emailed to the GM. The group could play the adventure in person or online and at a time of their choice. The GM completed a quick write up of the adventure and sent that on to a group of GMs acting as judges. The groups that did the best advanced to the next round and the GM was sent the next part of the adventure.

It was an elimination style tournament, but the cool part is that it doesn't have to be. The best part was that groups did not have to show up at a certain place to participate. Our HMA chapter had fun with it. For one part, Face and I drove to Salt Lake City and we played in person. We played another round online with Maptools. And for the first time we got to compete with the group in Australia.

I hope this is something I can help resurrect in the future--I already volunteered. :) As for Origins, I can't give too many details about the adventure we'll play in the next three weeks, but I bet I'll find something interesting that I can share in the After Action Notes. :)