Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cheetara Reviews "The Hunger Games" Trilogy

"The Hunger Games" is a great story of survival and fighting for what you believe in.

The main character, a rather unfortunate looking cat named Buttercup, gets a hard start in life until he is rescued by the wonderful and kind Primrose Everdeen. He narrowly avoids drowning at the hands of Prim's evil sister Katniss. Katniss reluctantly allows the cat to live.

Buttercup's job is to protect Prim. He does a great job of it, too, until Katniss wins some reality TV show and they all have to move into a hateful big house. Buttercup tries to stay at the old house even though Katniss visits a lot and he's not too fond of her because of the threat to drown him.

Eventually, Buttercup has to move into an underground apartment with Prim to protect her. As the only cat in the compound, he becomes famous for chasing a flashlight beam during blackout periods.

Sadly, Prim has to leave to help heal people hurt in the war. Fed up with waiting in the underground place, Buttercup heads home to find her. He finds Katniss, who seems to think Prim is never coming back. He decides to wait for her.

This is the saddest story ever! Buttercup is a brave warrior from the beginning and he survives everything that is thrown at him. He even bonds with Katniss at the end because they both love Prim so much.

I'm a little confused as to why they cast a black and white cat to play Buttercup in the movie when he is described as a yellow tabby in the book. The cute black and white cat does an amazing job showing Buttercup's fierce devotion to Prim.

In real life, Buttercup would be a ThunderCat. I'd be honored to have him fight by my side!