Friday, March 16, 2012

Dave Kenzer says...

...that Steve Johansson sending the HackMaster Player's Handbook to the printer tonight.

Hoody hoo!!!!!! :) That's what we say in HackMaster circles.

Yesterday, Mark Rosewater--lead designer for Magic--posted this on Twitter: "The best indicator of a game's future success is the desire of the playtesters to play it again. "

I'm not a designer, so I'll assume he knows what he's talking about as far as that goes. :) As a playtester, I fully agree. I got to watch HackMaster be built from the ground up over the last few years, beginning with Aces & Eights. And there wasn't a minute where I didn't feel like playing. I can't wait for all the of the adventures about to be written around the dinner table. ;)

A lot of passion and dedication went into HackMaster. I'm never going to be a mechanics genius, but forget the math. HackMaster plays like a story. I don't worry about the rules in this system; I'm thinking about the adventure. From the beginning of a session to the end, all players are involved as much as they want to be. Anything is possible. ;)

Please go to if you haven't already and think about supporting this game.