Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Battle Cat!

This post is really about Battle Cat.

The theme of tonight's Toastmasters meeting was Birthday Celebrations. (Happy birthday, Carin!!!) The subject of children's birthday parties was mentioned a few times...and so was the ultimate present for an 8-year-old kid in the 80's: a He-Man action figure.

He-Man was one of those things I, as a girl, was NOT supposed to like. I did like it--a lot--since the show was full of powerful girls. The Sorceress of Grayskull was my favorite since she could shapeshift into a falcon...and was the protector of the castle everyone wanted. ;) Marlena, Queen of Eternia and Prince Adam's mom, was an astronaut who flew seriously off course one day and ended up deciding to stay on the weird planet she crash landed on. I thought Teela was a bit whiny, but hey--she was captain of the royal guard! There were no spoiled princesses here. ;)

As for action figures, well, Teela got one early on, the Sorceress showed up in wave 5473909321, and I think they made one of King Randor, but not Queen Marlena. Sad.

My other favorite was Battle Cat.
What's that?

Green tiger in battle armor. What's not to love?
Must investigate...

I liked Battle Cat enough to have three browsers open in the hope of getting one from those dorks at Matty Collector that make it impossible to wrest a beloved action figure from the hands of eBay sellers. I got one. Make that two. I bought an extra one in case my brother needed one--he did the same thing for me so we each ended up with two Battle Cats. ;) Eventually I'll sell the second one. Maybe it'll help send me to Gen Con.
Green kitty!