Monday, March 19, 2012

After Action Notes: "Huh?" Edition

After two hours of reading this afternoon, I thought I had a good idea how the HackMaster group would deal with the final scripted encounter in "Plague of Cosolen." ;) Yeah, they didn't do that. Or the other thing. They didn't even do the thing I decided could possibly happen if the other guys followed through on their plans. No. The group arrived at the encounter and acted like upstanding citizens. ;)

For a fraction of a second I was annoyed...until I remembered that it doesn't matter. No adventure can fully predict what smart, creative people will do when given pointy weapons, magic spells, and almost unlimited choice. So while I was thinking..."huh? why are you doing that?" I also thought... "meh, they'll figure it out or they won't."The fun part is watching them go someplace unexpected. If we could figure out all of the angles ahead of time, what's the point?

Next up: Adventure writing and Origins playtesting. :) :) :)