Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Also known as Superb Owl Sunday or Puppy Bowl Sunday, depending on one's preference.

I have to ask for the next one off. I've worked the last four or five in a row. This is one of those things I'm interested in because its social and...heck, I like football. Any kind of game, role-playing, sports, or video has a social element. Even MMORPGs--although I'm of the opinion its a lesser extent of social. There isn't a big difference between friends playing fantasy football, a Super Bowl party, and the HackMaster game when it comes down to doing something fun together. :) I felt left out today--not that I had a specific party to go to or cared much about either team--but I caught myself wishing I was at Old Chicago watching the game with beer and a pizza. 

Okay, Chicago Bears: I'm requesting February 3, 2013 off work so I can watch the next Super Bowl. You'd  better be in it. ^^