Saturday, February 18, 2012


Er, make that badges.

After getting some bad news yesterday, I slept like a kid and by that I mean I had nightmares. I used to be terrified by a dream about a giant upside down U. It wasn't an N. For some reason I get a lot of laughs when I describe that dream. I also have to explain that it wasn't about an N.

Since I felt like crap and it was a drab February day, I hit the store to get beer for the HackMaster game tomorrow and something epic to distract me from feeling sad:

I got a corkboard.

I've heard it's lame to save con badges, but I didn't start saving them on purpose. I stuck them to my other corkboard when I got home and forgot about them until I realized I had a lot. Then it seemed okay to keep them. The board I picked up today is small and I thought I'd have a lot of room left. I guess I've been to a few cons. :) That made me happier.

I can't wait to add a Gary Con badge to the board.