Sunday, February 26, 2012

After Action Notes

WHY WHY WHY am I the only one at the table who can't remember any of the math? It isn't the mistake. It's making the same mistake repeatedly and never learning from it that destroys me. Even cats know that if something doesn't work, don't do it again. Argh.

I had the whole party thrown in jail for kicking down an apartment door and killing two of the three residents on an unconfirmed rumor. I actually had the city guard who responded say..."so, you killed them and now you're taking their stuff?" I don't think anyone noticed, but I laughed. Inside. A lot.

A friend of the cleric's bailed them out, but he was clear that this was a one-time favor. Any more trouble with the city guard and they are on their own. The last encounter we played tonight was a swarm of Giant Rats. I hate running swarms. Too many initiatives + tiny critters + dozens of crits and fumbles = headache. It's too bad I can't justify a gang of orcs rampaging through Cosolen because I like big monsters so much better.