Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This SOPA and PIPA thing...

...I lack the technical expertise to "go dark" today. That, and I don't think such a small scale protest will matter much. I can send you here and here say please tell your Representative and your Senator not to vote for this.

I'm not very good at political diatribes, but here goes:

1. Censorship irritates me. I already live in a country without a space shuttle. This is ridiculous. This goes against the whole idea of freedom of speech.

2. Legislation won't stop pirates. Since when do pirates care about things like rules? I call your attention to this exchange between Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow in the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie:

Will: You cheated!
Jack: Pirate!

The bad guys will scoff and keep doing bad things. A flawed piece of legislation won't stop them.

3. The way I understand this is, if this thing goes off, I can't quote Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow without permission. I'd have to refer to them as Wil Spatula and Captain Jake Frigatebird. I couldn't put up their pictures.

4. If we can't talk about all of the cool things we love, they die. I have a blog so I can talk about my favorite game, HackMaster. If I tell everyone how great it is, a few of those people will sit in on a demo or buy the book. More people will play the game. They will tell their friends and write their stories on their own blogs. I want to see that happen.

5. Don't steal. I have a very big problem with people stealing TV, movies, and books with no intention of paying the people that made those things. Don't steal.

That's my SOPA rant. Please call or write your Representatives and Senators. Wil Spatula and Jake Frigatebird thank you.

Wil Spatula and Jake Frigatebird belong to the blog HackPrincess and may not be used without my permission. So there.