Saturday, January 07, 2012


...had a happily ever after! ;)

I don't find enough stories that end with one. Happily ever after is unrealistic, I've been told. No one really gets one. It does a disservice to the characters to let them go on to a good life. A professor once asked me to write the boy out of my story because he wanted the main character to remain alone and miserable at the end. I couldn't do it. I let her find at least the hope for a happily ever after. I've known lots of real people who found one. I disagreed with that professor. :)

Stardust managed to be both happily-ever and "realistic." Take that, snooty literary types. Of course, I don't think the prof I'm thinking of would count Neil Gaiman's books as "literature."

Screw that. I do. ;)

Maybe it doesn't lead to a well-read status, but it's okay to read and/or write what makes you happy. The reason I'm writing my fanfic is I had to know the details of those two characters' happily ever after. I'm a total romantic for a happy ending. Apologies to all of my lit teachers: That's not gonna change. :D