Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pride and Prejudice, no zombies

*Maybe spoilers?*

The best part of getting sick is venturing into the world for the first time and realizing even two hours of volunteer work is two hours too many, going home, and crashing on the sofa. This is the kind of tired where lying down feels like too much work. In the middle of all the lying down, I finished "Pride and Prejudice."

I liked it better than expected, not for the romance--although I can see why some girls like Mr. Darcy--but for the multiple lessons in how to treat people. I found stuff about preconceived notions, talking behind others backs, and misinterpreting another's intentions the worst marriage proposal ever. In summary: "I love you even though I tried not to because you're totally not good enough for me, so can we get married anyway even though we really haven't talked much until today?"

As for the "why some girls like Mr. Darcy" part, he does some really nice things behind the scenes in order to prove he isn't a total jerk. He's like that guy lurking on the forums who doesn't talk much, but when you meet him at a con, he turns out to be really nice--he just doesn't come across very well online. Elizabeth is the girl that everyone likes who figured the lurker was just another socially awkward gamer boy that doesn't know how to talk to girls. And it turns out that she was right, he doesn't, but he figures she's worth learning how. And that's why I think girls like Mr.Darcy.

Not that I'm going to start writing "Pride and Prejudice" fan fiction, but I think the Darcy and Lizzy as gamers scenario I just described would be a really cute story. :)