Monday, January 16, 2012

The Origin of the Dwarven Charley Horse

Sometimes things happen in game that stick around. Our group has some notable incidents and quotes inspired by them.

Suck it, __________ !

During combat, the battle cry "Suck it, (insert monster here)!" was heard often enough we thought we might have to make t-shirts. It's reserved for big hits on particularly annoying monsters, especially orkin wardawgs. I don't know why my players dislike orkin wardawgs so much. They come in two sizes, have terrific damage reduction, and are big growly dogs. For some reason, they try to kill them. Poor orkin wardawgs...they never killed anyone. Much.

"I'm in a healthy place."

This one was coined by our cleric Takane in the adventure Dusk of the Dead. Two zombies grabbed hold of her during a battle in close quarters. When the fighter Bulberd asked her if she needed help, she declined with, "I'm in a healthy place," because she had only lost a few hit points. She thought she would be fine until the adjacent zombies got the munchies. A few seconds later, Takane was down and on her way to meet the Caregiver. The group worked together to save her life, so the quote is now memorable and not an epitaph. ;)

"That's what we call a Dwarven Charley Horse."

I don't believe in picking up a campaign and dropping it in another city. When the group decided to go to Cosolen, they needed to have some encounters along the way. They arrived in Napalido last night where a friend of their employer asked for help retrieving an item stolen from her master's office. It was in her care, so she wants it back quickly and without fanfare.

The group tracked the thieves to a local roadside attraction. While Takane chatted the suspects up about the Caregiver, Balin--Bulberd's brother and also a fighter--walked up and asked, "are these the guys?" When Takane confirmed this, Balin promptly pulled out his warhammer and executed a called shot to one of the delinquents' leg. These are unarmed, unarmored, teenage human thieves. Face, Balin's player, knew there was a pretty good chance the blow would kill the kid. It was an in-character action to take, though, and he only took 16 of the kid's 22 hit points away. And Takane, healer extraordinare, immediately took care of the damage.

In the end, the kids ended up respecting Balin a little bit for his actions. They were mouthing off to Takane and knew it.