Thursday, January 12, 2012

HackMaster Twitter Challenge

I like Twitter and use it often. Posting is quick and to the point. Earlier this week I mentioned the news about Dungeons & Dragons 5 and how Twitter was filled with discussion about it. I'd love to see the same thing happen to HackMaster.

Jolly and Barb Blackburn of Knights of the Dinner Table tweet as @Jollybgood and @BabWryter. It would be cool if HackMaster and KoDT fans joined them. Therefore, I'm issuing a Twitter Challenge. If you like HackMaster and KoDT, take a few minutes to set up a Twitter account. (It's easy.) Then, before or after heading over to the Kenzer & Company forums to chat, post something about HackMaster. Why should Dungeons & Dragons get all of the attention? ;) If you use the hashtag #HackMaster, it will be searchable in the Twitter timeline. There are exciting things happening to this game, too. Spread the word!