Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dalek in the Lab!

Lego sets "for girls?" Since when are Lego sets not for girls?! I'm intrigued. So much so, that I bought one to see what it was about--beyond adding pink pieces. Naturally, I picked up the set with the little girl that has the Rockin Secret Lab of Awesome! Look, she even built a robot.

It's a super-cute toy. Unfortunately, the rest of the sets revolve around the usual pet-sitting, baking, fashion design, and magazine editing that are the "approved" occupations for girls.

Game designer did not make the cut.

Given that, the lab set seems a lot out of place--like they threw the nerd girls a bone. ^^ Or in this case, a wrench.

I'll take it.

I think the toy is cute and it will appeal to a lot of girls. The little mini-fig is adorable. What confuses me is I never thought of Lego as a "boy's toy." I played with Lego stuff when I was a kid. I built a giant robot bird for the GI Joe team: General Awk. Yes, it was dumb. Lego is one of the few things that seemed to escape the manic segregation of the toy department into "boy" and "girl" and "blue" and "pink." I don't remember mourning the lack of pink bricks in the pile on the floor. Maybe some girls do and these sets will be awesome for them. I hope they mix them with the Star Wars sets, too.

I hope somebody buys them the Star Wars sets or lets them know that it is okay.

Toy-obsessed that I am, I've noticed something over the years. When I was a kid, I had She-Ra: Princess of Power and a half-dozen female GI Joe soldiers to choose from. Scarlet, Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, Jinx, Zarana, and the Baroness. Today, there is nothing comparable to She-Ra available and only Scarlet and the Baroness can be found among the Joe team--and then only rarely. There has not been a new Scarlet or Baroness on the peg since the "Rise of Cobra" was in theaters. The "girls" toy aisle is an ocean of pink with no superheroes in sight. There are princesses and ponies and fashion conscious Barbie dolls, but no sword-wielding Princess of Power. Meanwhile, on the "boys" side, there might be a Wonder Woman here or there and Cheetara and Wily Kit got represented in the new ThunderCats. They are few and far between--a lot rarer than they were when I was little.

I really thought that by the time I was an adult, all of this sexism would have gone away. Instead, its only gotten worse.

Why do we need to have a "girls" and "boys" aisle, anyway? Shouldn't toys be for kids...all kids, any kid?

Because THIS is how kids play:
Gah! DALEK IN THE LAB! Everybody run!

The cool kids, anyway... ^^