Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Sugar 'n Dice Ridiculously Easy December Reading Challenge

Remember the last time you got into a big fight with your friends over the definition of "well-read?" It casts a shadow over an End of NaNoWriMo celebratory dinner, that's for sure. ;)

I Googled a definition. According to the search results, it is possible to be well-read in a specific subject, like oceanography, zombies, or zombie oceanographers. To be generally well-read, the World English Dictionary said one has read "widely and intelligently, erudite." That I had to Google a definition of erudite probably means  I cannot call myself that, but I may have a new Word of the Day for Toastmasters: "Having or showing great knowledge or learning."

Uh, no.

In order to prevent further arguments regarding who is well-read, who isn't, and by what definition, here is the unofficial and ridiculously easy Sugar 'n Dice book challenge. I decided I wanted to read another book by Neil Gaiman since I totally loved Neverwhere. In December, I'm going to read American Gods. The ridiculously easy book challenge is to read a damn book already. Twitter and Facebook don't count. ;) This isn't a book club. I'm not going to hold discussions or anything. And no one has to read the same book I read. During the well-read-fight, there may have been a decision made for everyone to read a Neil Gaiman book of her choice, however there was beer so I can't be sure. ;)

Join me in reading a book by Neil Gaiman this December or don't. If I become more well-read than you, don't come crying to my suddenly erudite blog. >^^<

To make this post HackMaster related, I'll add that well-read GMs write better adventures. ;)