Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lists: Gaming Guest

Edit: My blog is a constant work in progress as I figure out what I want it to be. I don't want to give advice about gaming, so every time I create a longer post, I wake up the next morning thinking "I can't believe I posted that I'm such a jerk everyone is going to be so disappointed in me I have to delete it." And yes, I think in run-on sentences just like that. ^^

I'm revising my list. :)

Sugar 'n Dice did a podcast about manners a few months ago. And I think it needs repeating now and then. We all make mistakes. Since this subject derails into a rant pretty quick, I'm going to make a list. I'm also going to point out the items I'm guilty of to be fair.

1. Say "please."
2. Say "thank you."

  • Wow, I forget these all the time. Do you? It's possible to get so comfortable with friends and family that one forgets to acknowledge their hard work. I have to remind myself "thank the host thank the host..." This is tough for a shy girl like me. ;)  
3. Offer to help. 
  • HackMaster has a proficiency called Laborer. It costs 1 building point and allows the PC to contribute to a group task without getting in the way. If it seems weird to charge a BP to do this, understand that in real life, I do not have this proficiency. Instead I took the proficiency Get in the Way as Often as Possible. My man-hands and clunky elbows are a nightmare in the kitchen. The best way for me to help is to sit quietly in the farthest corner and hope no one trips over me. I often forget to offer to help since I usually can't, but the offer is still there.
4. Clean up after yourself.

  • You know what I'm super-skilled at? Setting my backpack down where Face can trip over it. I'm also really good at staring into space while somebody stands behind me yelling "CAROLYN! MOVE!" This one is about remembering to take up a little bit of space...instead of ALL the space. And when I spill my food all over the table, I clean it up. I even keep a rag in my GM kit, I'm that much of a slob. 
5. Chew with your mouth closed.

  • Ever catch yourself talking and sharing what you're chewing at the same time?
6. The snacks are for everyone. Share with the rest of the group. 
7. Put away the laptop.
  • I'm conflicted over tech at the table. I use the iPad since it is easy to flip between source material in iBooks so I feel like a hypocrite if I tell the rest of the table to put the tech away. Playing Angry Birds in the middle of combat is uncool in my OZ, though, so I've been known to bitch over it. I'm old school in that I want to draw the maps, use physical minis, and not deal with the distraction of the internet.
8. Pay attention.
9. Don't mooch.
10. Be a good sport.
  • "So your PC has died. Don't cry, roll another. Such is HackMaster." A friend of mine had this quoted in his signature line a long time ago. I don't know who originally posted it. It speaks for itself.
That's my list. Take it or leave it. The point is to find a place where everyone in the group, including the host, has fun at the game. If that isn't the case, don't be scared to make the needed changes. 

Up until now, our group started the night with dinner. We decided that has to end because it is a distraction and not all of the group members are participating in the work. I have to say I haven't helped very much (see Laborer above). We think eating before going to the game will give us more time to play, translating into more fun for all. Unfortunately, that means no more M&Ms at the table. Hint: M&Ms double as good last minute PCs and monster tokens. 

It isn't easy to give up the snacks, but it will mean not consuming a bunch of unnecessary calories while sitting around the table. And we will have more game time. Don't be afraid to face the tough stuff--it will lead to a better game. ;)

Okay, that's my advice for the night. Now, back to the regularly scheduled whimsy! >^^<

Edit: OMG, I'm such a chicken. I'm not facing the tough stuff AT ALL. ^^