Sunday, December 04, 2011

Dusk of the Dead

Stop reading now if you are about to play or want to play "Dusk of the Dead." GMs, read on:


Our HackMaster group officially completed the adventure "Dusk of the Dead" tonight. Total casualties were minimal. The cleric almost died early on and spent several sessions comatose while the remaining three party members took on the zombie menace. The rogue (bookseller) was the sole casualty, dying in the second-to-last battle. Overall, the group did very well and there were no tears. :D

I have mixed feelings regarding writing about a published adventure in case someone reading this wants to play sometime. "Dusk of the Dead" is available here. I recommend it for a great scary story, ease of use, and some amazing maps.

It's available as a PDF. I ran the adventure entirely from my iPad. It was easy to switch from one map to the other. I did not need to flip pages. All I had to do was touch a room on the main map and I was immediately taken to the proper room description in the text. This is one case where I can get behind using tech for gaming. I'm spoiled now. I want to use the iPad for everything. :)

I noticed I made fewer mistakes this time. In fact, I only recall one. I let three zombies out of a room they should not have been able to leave, depriving my players of a good scare when they opened that door. They still fought the zombies, just not where they were supposed to. As far as my mistakes go, its minimal and I'm certain it had to do with how easy it was to run this adventure from the iPad.

I'm sure at least one of my players will have a write-up of the action, but I have to give a shout-out to Jamie for providing the quote of the campaign. Early on, when her cleric was attacked by the zombies and going down fighting, she refused the initial offers of help from the fighters by saying, "I'm in a healthy place." That's something of an overstatement when two zombies are chowing down on your neck. ;) I have a feeling "I'm in a healthy place" will join "Suck it (insert monster type here)!" as one of our favorite group sayings.

Good job, team. On to the next adventure...