Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My contribution to the blogosphere today...

...is to link to this post on Not-so-Random Musings, which explains why I've been absent from the blogokingdom... :)

Our Toastmasters club is developing a blog and I'm crossing my fingers that they go with Blogger. Of course Wordpress is the preferred stuff to use for blogging...but I'm not into software that requires near-constant updates to work properly. *sigh* Yes, I'm an AT&T iPhone toting Blogger fan. From what I gather, this is bad. (I'd be less evil if I had a Verizon iPhone.)

What is so bad about wanting some things that...just work without having to put hours into them? I'd rather be writing or...taking pictures of dice (which I've totally slacked off on) than trying to figure out why my site stopped working or why my smartphone is acting weird.


I'm staring at the computer wishing I did not have to go back to work in the morning.