Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dice of the Day

I don't care what Starbucks says about ice cubes. I know dice when I see them. 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Live blogging HackMaster!!

Sort of. I guess its not live blogging if I don't post to the blog until the game is over.

So far we've determined that vanilla wafers make good emergency mini bases. Kill the monster, eat the base.

We need to talk about your animal companion. She's huge and she's eating all the food. 

They found Uncle Dil's diary. 

"I swear at the door." Takene didn't find the secret door. 

Can we poke it with a stick? Hells yeah. 

Me: Skeletons!
Dwarf: Meh. 
Goddamn it. 

Because the game is the perfect time to trim the cat's claws... ^^

We're going to hold hands and do the safety walk through this cavern. Cue "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Oh no, not the fucking coupons... (There's a story here.) 

"Well, I was an internationally ranked player..." (And another story...) 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dice of the Day: Late Edition

I can still make it before midnight! Here's what this year's Origins dice from Crystal Caste look like! 

Saturday, June 27, 2015


I have serious social anxiety. 

Like, I usually want to run away. I'm better in small groups. Probs why I like the raising a glass with friends part of the con versus OMG the crowds... The thought process goes something like this: Why am I here? No one wants me here. They're tolerating me to be nice. I'd better go so they can have some real fun. I don't know what to say. I'm not funny enough. I'm dressed weird. I hate my hair. Why can't I be cool like them?

It's better now that I know social anxiety is a thing. Before that it was because I was shy, antisocial, weird, mean, and wrong. Oh, and it was all my fault. It would help if I'd be nicer. That was what I thought until I read that other people actually freak out and want to run away in crowds of people, that not everyone knows what to say, that even some of the people I think are awesome in social situations sometimes feel that same way, and yes, some of us do better than others. 

Toastmasters helps a LOT. TM makes you practice not only public speaking, but leading and socializing, too. I fully recommend checking out a local club (mine is Boise Club) if running away screaming seems like the appropriate thing to do when faced with a bunch of strangers or even a bunch of friends. 

Having a home base helps, too. If it totally sucks, I can always head back to the Kenzer booth. I can't thank them enough for this. It's like a temporary fort. Also, its familiar, not only because Kenzer, but Retail. That's something I understand. That's the best answer I can give for why the hell I'd take vacation and travel across the country to help out at this booth. When the con socializing gets scary, there is this safe place where I can do what I know. 

I heart you, booth.

And I'm grateful I'm allowed to hang out there when I know that they are working and I hope I help more than I get in the way.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Going to lose a couple hours sleep tonight celebrating today's Supreme Court decision regarding Marriage Equality. Posting this picture because I've seen a lot of stuff today saying, well, if you're not gay this really doesn't affect you. Which is true, but at the same time, it does affect me in that I got to watch two of my best friends treated differently by the state we all call home. I knew Kira (left) before she met Jamie, saw her go through a lot of stuff to get where she is now, and yes, it does have an impact, seeing your friends get treated badly. 

Face and I were married out of state, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kira and Jamie were married in Seattle, Washington. When Face and I got home, nobody questioned our marriage. When Kira and Jamie came home, they had to jump through a billion legal hoops to get Kira's name changed and make sure they were covered if one of them were sick or hurt. Basically all of the things you would have to do if you were not married and wanted to change your name or designate who the doctor calls when you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Because Idaho didn't share Washington's opinion. Why? Because. Yeah, just because.

I haven't been to church since high school, but I still think of myself as a member of the United Church of Christ. Since 2005, the UCC has accepted gay marriage. They've fought for it. Today, not only do my friends get to have their marriage accepted in every state, my church finally gets to practice its faith the way it wants to. That also affects me. And everyone who believes in that respecting freedom of religion stuff. Affects me as in getting all teary at Starbucks reading about the decision. I'm not a teary person unless its about cats or, apparently, Mad Max Fury Road

So I'm off to raise a glass to everyone in the US being treated a little better today, but especially my friends.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mission Statement

I promise to write down the adventures I think of even if they are girly and feature unicorns. 

I moved all of the books to a spot next to my desk. They lived on a couple of shelves for a while and things tipped over when I moved them, so I didn't pick them up enough and instead went for the PDFs. Kind of the same. Not quite the same. Some of these books are super special. 

Started typing away at a few things the other night and walked away from two paragraphs in pain from typing. If I get stupid injured from not writing, I'm going to punch something with my pathetic injured arms. I have to make a couple changes... 

I keep falling asleep in front of the tv. Not necessarily bad. Think I posted about that once. It's nice, in a weird way. Understandable after a 12 hour day. I earn it. Maybe there is something wrong, but I think I do work a fairly long day. Ten hours with a lunch. On my feet. After that, I go home to my husband, house, and pets and yeah, am tired. It's not bad, just maybe that time could be put to better use. I spend a lot of other time thinking I should write more. Draw more. So maybe if I try for 30 minutes of writing a day to start I can work out some of the bugs. 

At Origins, I swear I spent more money at the Blick art supplies store down the street than in the exhibit hall, although I do have a sweet dice tray now. I made this deal where I will let myself spend money on art supplies. Copic markers. PENS. I bought a $20 pencil. (Kira and I had a couple beers at Barley's and then went to the art store. Uninhibited supply shopping is a thing now. Up until a year ago my go to was still firking CRAYOLA.) (I'm sorry, I like Crayola since I was a little kid. I'm not knocking it. But adult art supplies are so awesome. Like candy. Or drugs. The good kind.) 

Face is doing all of this awesome stuff with his site the Frugal GM, and making books, and maps and I'm envious. So 30 minutes. All I'm asking for a while. This post counts. 

Almost time for bed. Hope my friends are having a legendary night at Nexus in Milwaukee. 


Monday, May 25, 2015

HackMaster Again

I don't know what I'm going to do at Origins.

Apparently, you can't disinfect anything touched by orc lips. Good to know.

First combat and three fumbles. They're calling it the Fumble Dance. It's like a sixth grade dance. Think Safety Dance?

"Show your ears!" Trying to get the orcs to attack the elf. ^^ Throwing your fellow party member under the bus.

"I do believe the cleric was dying. Let's get back to that."

They are unhappy because they thought it would be undead, not orcs.

"My brain blood!" (The most important of the bloods.) (I'm going to have to wash my beard tonight.)

Here's the undead! Dwarf delivers an Elbow of Great Justice to a ghoul. I'm not running this battle especially well.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hi! I'm about to run a game of HackMaster.

This is the part where we talk about all of the other things so we can get to the game thing.

Which dice should I use?

Yeah, I'll use the Pelican case full of random dice, some that I haven't even sorted out from Origins last year. This is how desperate for rest I am: Last weekend I went to Seattle. I HAVEN'T UNPACKED YET. WHAT IS THIS UNPACKING THING? WHY WOULD I UNPACK FROM ORIGINS 2014? It doesn't surprise me that I never sorted the dice in my Pelican case. I don't write anymore. I think about how it would be great to write a thing while falling asleep on the sofa with Netflix.

"So it can live free and be cute." <--- This is in reference to a good creature they rescued. It was also the alternate title for Live Free or Die Hard.

I wish I wasn't running this and could role play being asleep like the Dwarf in the party.

"It's early, I haven't braided my beard, bucko."
"Biggest fucking wolf I've ever seen." (Rive)
Saying "point of order" gets the GM's attention.
We're calling Hanidu Xanadu for reasons. Xaaaaanadu! Sounds like Hanidu...! (I don't know the words.)
"I need to eat, sleep, and murder the undead. And pray." Takane knows what is best in life.

Resume tomorrow night. We talked too long. :P :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I got sick. Like epic level sick. There was this class I was supposed to take at work to teach me how to use the auto scheduling software that I waited forever to take. When I finally got in, it was with one of my friends. Awesome! Two days before the class I started feeling weird. Figuring it was just that I was tired from work, I didn’t think about it except that I went to a Toastmasters meeting and totally couldn’t remember how to work the timer. First I put in all of the wrong settings and then I forgot to start it like five times. After that, I drank a Crooked Fence Three Picket Porter and went to bed.

I woke up with a fever.

Okay, fever, no big deal. Ibuprofen, bed. I napped for part of the morning and then part of the evening. I think. I forgot most of that day. Did not feel any better. I was still determined to make it to class the next day. I figured that as long as I was just sitting there at a computer I’d be able to handle it.

I expected to feel like crap in the morning anyway, so I hauled myself out of bed, feeling lazy and worthless, and got ready for work. Finally, I decided to ask Face for a ride in because, hey, I was getting over a fever. And then just for fun I checked my temperature, which turned out to be 101F. Meaning I had to call in sick at my location and the location I was supposed to be at for the class. To be safe, I texted my friend and asked her to give the instructor the message in case he didn’t get the first one. So began my first week on the sofa. It was mostly a blur of fevers and MASH and I rewatched all of Parks and Recreation.

The fever stuck around through Friday. Went to the doc in the box around the corner and got diagnosed with Influenza A. I don’t get named illnesses, usually. I get colds. I get bronchitis. I get kinda tired, but I don’t get the flu. I get the shot. (Vaccinations rule!) Except this year the shot didn’t match the strain of the flu, so I didn’t get that flu, I got the other one. Sweet!

That was a month ago. I got some pneumonia to go with the flu which basically killed me. I got some really epic antibiotics. And now I’m rocking an inhaler and can’t walk across the building without running out of breath. I got chest x-rays! Creepy. It is really creepy to look inside your own lungs.

Also, I learned that I can tell the exact moment that antibiotics start working. Because the day I finally got some, I was laying pathetically on the sofa watching Jack Reacher and Stardust on Netflix and by the last twenty minutes of Stardust, I suddenly realized I no longer felt like death.

This has nothing to do with gaming except that I can’t run a game of HackMaster thanks to the shortness of breath thing, but on the upside I did finally learn how to play Cards Against Humanity. The downside is that it’s completely, horribly, painful to laugh with pneumonia and Cards Against Humanity is horribly, painfully hilarious.

And somehow Face didn’t get sick, for which I am extremely thankful. Flu-monia sucks.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Will a buckeye make my dice lucky?