Saturday, September 19, 2015


This is for Friday, 9-18. ;)

1. Chocolate peanut butter cookies +
2. Mini Snickers +
3. The most hilarious, creative, positive team of coworkers and friends = 
A great Friday. ;) 

Tomorrow: Trip to Idaho City with my family. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Short History of My Zombie War

Braaaaaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiins..... LOL.

Here are some things about me and the Zombie Apocalypse:

1. I secretly crave it because I won't be one of those stupid survivors.
2. I secretly dread it because I wear contact lenses and I'm afraid I will run out of replacements or lose them and eventually not be able to see. I'm going to need a good, loyal team to help me. I promise I'll try to earn my keep if you promise not to abandon me. Alone. Blind. In the woods with zombies...
3. The Walking Dead freaks me out. Too sad, too scary.
4. When I ran Dusk of the Dead for my HackMaster group, Jamie coined the phrase "I'm in a healthy place." I find myself using that a lot.

*Without giving too much away (if you haven't played it), Dusk of the Dead revolves around a zombie attack. I had the group cornered in a second story room, under assault by the zombie hoard. They were doing all right against the onslaught, until Takane the cleric was separated from her friends. Kira's character called across the room to see if she was all right. Takane replied, "I'm okay. I'm in a healthy place," having lost no hit points and holding off the ravenous undead with a combination of spells and staff. She said this about one or two counts (seconds) before my d20 (the rat bastard) decided to start rolling high for once. (I have such unruly dice.) As a GM, I don't exactly look forward to killing PCs. If it happens, it happens, but I don't enjoy it and I especially don't seek it out. (I've been in conversations where GMs talk about how to murder PCs for being stupid or just not quite up to their standards and it pisses me off.) And I'd be really sad if Takane, Jamie's Caregiver cleric, died at the hands of the undead, or anything really. Takane is kind of what the entire party revolves around.

So with Takane in a suddenly un "healthy" place, they all rushed to the rescue and disaster was averted. All of the zombies were destroyed in the end. Dusk of the Dead remains one of my favorite Kenzer & Company adventures. Rumor has it there will be a new Halloween adventure this year and I CAN'T WAIT. (Was that too fangirly?) (Oh well.) (Deal with it.) Finally, every time Takane takes a hit, everyone is certain to ask her if she's in a healthy place. :)*

5. The building I work in has a roof hatch and many good escape routes. It also has a pharmacy, so hit me up for those needed antibiotics.

Monday, September 14, 2015


I tried and tried all day to get something on paper, but it's been tough. I did let a character named Ciana from my old NaNo novel about Tellene give Pointy a lift, lol. 
Been struggling with what to do with Pointy. He broke a wing in my Facebook posts last week. Maybe these three all go adventuring for a while. 

1. There are wood ducks and a couple muskrats in the creek behind the house. 

2. Got dinner at Old Chicago, my favorite place. 

3. My new red boots are here. Wanted some ever since I saw Jane Foster in red boots in Thor 2. They are not quite as red as hers, yet still awesome. Boots. The one good thing about fall! That and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And with that extremely girly post, I'm about ready to call it a day.

Tomorrow: I take another shot at that damn dungeon. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

3rd Grade

I was a board game designer...back in 3rd grade. I don't think I told you that. I never told any of my gaming friends, because many of them are real game designers and I did it for a school project. However, I loved it enough to keep trying until they kicked my stupid-struggling-with-math ass out of the Gifted and Talented program. It was better to "let's make it easier on her" than "work harder with her," so my days of being a gifted student ended in the seventh grade. To this day I think it was all the fault of one math teacher. One person, putting the doubt there, treating me like I was hopeless, and I lost access to all the cool things. Or maybe she was right.

This is probably indicative of why I got kicked to the curb, but when I was put into Gifted and Talented, I didn't understand what it was or why. I always did exactly what the teacher said as I'd been taught, so starting in 3rd grade, once a week, I went to the tiny classroom at the end of the A hall to play.

The classroom was about the size of a broom closet. That's probably what it was before they turned it into a place for the five smart kids to hang out. I guess that's another bad sign. Really, only five of us? Anyway, they stocked this room with all of the cool toys and actually let us play with them. Most of the time I remember school being about "Don't touch that." GT kids could touch and pretty much do whatever we wanted with the stuff in that room during the time we were there. It was somewhat structured in the 3rd grade. We were given actual assignments and one of them was to create a board game.

I'm not proud of this:

Again, another indicator of why they kicked me out, I totally based my board game on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

(Pause for LOLs.) was the coolest show!!!! They lived on this magical planet and there were giant green tigers and castles ruled by magic women who turned into falcons and...and...the Queen was a former astronaut and the Captain of the Royal Guard was a GIRL! (Honestly, this would never play now.) Marlena and Teela and the Sorceress, they didn't wear pink. They fought in all the battles. And Skeletor was really cool and scary for a 3rd grader!!! (His sorcerer's staff looked like this goat skull I found at work and may or may not have brought home to put hats on.) Except I was too old to like that stuff and a girl besides. I didn't talk about it at all in the regular classroom for fear of the exceptional amount of teasing I'd get, but no one seemed to care in here. So I made a fantasy board game out of Masters of the Universe. And although I don't recall a single rule and the construction paper board is forever lost to time, it went over pretty damn well.

I kept trying to make games as long as they kept me in GT. As I got older, it was less structured and we were told to go play with any of the stuff in the room. At least, I thought I was playing. I was probably supposed to be applying myself, but again, I didn't know what I was doing there, so I decided I'd keep making board games. I never got another one to work. I guess that's what happens when you're the only play tester. And destined to be Bad at Math. Because it's all about math, right? Or is it? I have no idea. I got kicked out before anyone told me whether I had a future as a creative person or if I was better off taking a job picking up after smart people. I guess getting kicked out sort of answered that question.

I've been thinking about that time a lot, lately, because I want to try it again followed by crushing math teacher doubt. Where does it go off the rails for some of us? Why do some kids believe they can do anything and some believe they can do only what others allow them to do and some don't understand what Gifted and Talented is? I haven't tried to make a game since.

There you go. That's my big confession for the night. Carry on. :)


1. I think I really like .3 mechanical pencils.
2. We're going to let Cole back in the Managers office because he bought a Millennium Falcon model.
3. Today is my friend's birthday, so its automatically special.

1. Tomorrow I will draw Pointy again.

Friday, September 11, 2015


1. Halloween is in the store! I can't wait. :)
2. We get to start wearing NFL shirts to work on Sundays.
3. My coworkers and a good friend made me smile today.

Tomorrow I fight the Lobster!

Tonight, HACKMASTER! :)

My character is literally walking around in the dark with only a single torch. I can't believe it.

Leinenkugel's Harvest Patch Shandy is amazing.

Spent my mulligan to hit something. I've spent most of this game fumbling around in the darkness looking for my sword. Seriously, I can't believe it.

LOL Steve is taunting my dice. I should post pictures of all of them together sometime... It's a bit of work getting them together, though.

Steve used some cool lighting effects while we explored a maze, so we couldn't see each other at all for most of the game. Jolly's PC walked into the same trap three times. He almost went for a fourth. I couldn't see it, but I could hear, and that will keep me laughing until the next time I play.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

3 Things/1 Thing

I finished the first season of Game of Thrones. Sad and amazing show. I think I love it. Love Dany. Stark forever. ;) 

I got a new KoDT. It has Origins pictures. 

I found out there is a con on my birthday where I can game with Jolly and Steve Lawrence. Kira wants to go, too. 

Tomorrow, HackMaster online. 


Not so much of a map yet, but working on a customized border. ;) Thinking of other shapes and symbols to add. ^^

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

3 things from today and 1 thing for tomorrow

Today I came up with a thing that might be fun. I put a selfie on Facebook. I went to dinner with my friend Kira. I felt a friend's absence. I will draw a map tomorrow.

Friday, August 14, 2015

I want to see you be brave...

Took the dice for a spin as a player tonight. I notice that I am meticulous about movement. And I'm afraid to move or be brave or take chances. Because I might get yelled at. Everything with me seems to come down to "if I get yelled at." As if anyone would do that. As if it would be so bad. Even though I know it won't happen, the old anxiety is there. Because a long time ago, someone yelling at me scared me so much I stopped breathing... And it takes a lot of work to relearn what we are taught. 

I'm a total dork. ;) 

It was a great battle. Monsters and horses running everywhere and a real fear of my PC dying. I learned I'm not the only GM who has to stop in the middle of a big battle to look for a missing bad guy. 

I had the best time tonight. ;) I always do when I get to be with friends. 

Confidence is hot, right? Is there a chart I can roll on to raise my skill, lol? ^^ 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


After stepping in to save the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Series Premiere at Gen Con, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment has the gratitude of this KoDT fan...and many others. And now they also have a pledge from me. :)

Link to ZOE Patreon page!

This is how good things come out of negative things, right? Have we all learned a lesson today? Good, because I'd really like to keep things educational around here.

Now to go draw a...something. ^^

Saturday, August 08, 2015

KoDT Charity Auction!!!

To help raise money to repay an extremely awesome anonymous donor who helped fly one of the actors to the KoDT LAS premiere at GenCon, Jolly and Barbara Blackburn are holding an eBay charity auction.

These are good people. :)

Here is the LINK.

You can bid on the script, Dave's d20, and photos of Bob and Sheila. Barb is offering custom Character backgrounds for a buy it now price of $20. All proceeds go to the donor with anything left over going to Zombie Orpheus Entertainment to help with party expenses.

Jolly might add other items, too, so keep checking back.

Seriously, these are the best people. ^^

Words are finite

As usual I'm tired and not making a ton of sense, but here we go. I had this big rant planned about the KoDT LAS premiere that was fun to write. I worked on it at the farm in Iowa while drinking a Leinenkugel's. It's actually well written. Better than a lot of my posts. And I deleted it. There are a lot of people already taking care of documenting everything about this. A lot of words written in anger. A lot of anger that I can sympathize with. I didn't finish the entire post because after I got through the initial rage fest, I didn't care about it anymore.

I don't want to use my words up that way. I only get so many words in this life and I want to use them for things like HackMaster adventures and blog posts and emails and texts to friends and dorky Facebook posts about cats. The longer I spend in anger, the more time I waste. And I can't very well be deserving of the gifts I've been given by hanging around in that angry place.

That's not going to be my role in this.

Of Ken Whitman, I'll only say that before backing one of his projects, please do your research and decide for yourself.

Moving on.