Thursday, December 11, 2014


I drew a little map on Tuesday night. It is hard for me to do this now. I like the hot tub in the lower right. 


The LEGO Star Wars and Friends Advent Calendars are really compatible. This TIE pilot likes pancakes. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I have a Tumblr...

When I heard about Inktober, I realized that I had some Sharpies and blank index cards lying around. Now I have a series of Tribbles vs. DRD battles that is mildly interesting to ten or twelve people or anyone who clicks on this link.

Tellene Weather Girl

The DRDs are because of rewatching Farscape, which is funny and also heartbreaking so my choices are cry or vent by drawing little DRDs and...cry because I don't have my own Moya.

Monday, August 04, 2014

I think this one is...

...another cave.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3 dungeon map doodles...

A corridor, a hallway with study rooms, and a Caregiver priest's garden.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Test

31. Do brave stuff. Like talk about art. :P Or be a HackMaster GM.

I had to take a test to be a HackMaster GM. It was kind of a joke, maybe. I mean, I didn't have to, really, but the people around me said I did. I always do what I'm told (not so much anymore, but I'm pretty bad about it). And the other HM4 GMs had taken the test. Face even gave me a lecture about looking at the Hacklopedia before I took it. Since I was really gullible, I was guilty and tried not to look at the books until I logged on to the HMA site and took the test.

Now I wouldn't fall for that, but back then I was actually scared I'd fail. There was some rule about how you could only switch HMA branches from Player to GM once. But I couldn't study because I was forbidden to look at the books.

This may have something to do with why I love HM5. There isn't anyone out there setting obstacles in front of potential Game Masters anymore. The challenges should be in learning how to be a better GM, not worrying about being worthy of even trying.

I took all of the books with me to the test because I at least figured out it was multiple choice and not timed. And felt like crap because I didn't have all of the rules memorized like the "real" GMs.  I was actually relieved when I passed as if it was the equivalent of a math final.

That was before I realized it is a game and meant to be fun. I literally had problems with that. This is on the list of things I learned from HackMaster because seriously, whatever anyone tells you about their expertise or experience or specialness, it's okay to play. Knowing all of the rules, or how to map, or forgetting shield hits, none of that is really important. I went from wanting to be a GM that knew all the rules to...wanting to be the kind of person people want to game with.

I'd rather hear how I forgot to ask for a counter attack than that I'm too difficult to play with.

32. Plays well with others.

It hit me hard one day that all I wanted was to be welcome. In other words, desperately trying to memorize all the rules, fear of failure, getting a 100% on a pretend test...are easy ways to get sidetracked from what really matters. I was working on the wrong things. Once I got that, I literally stopped freaking out before games. Trust me, this fixes everything when the self doubt kicks in.

Also why I grab a beer before the game and play with friends rather than forcing a group into existence. Do this for fun, not accolades. I just want to be the kind of person people want to play with.

I'm not there yet. I'm still selfish and unprepared: I need to roll up a PC... ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2014


As noted previously, creativity is a struggle. Most of us think what we create is of little quality. Just writing a blog post is almost impossible for me. What am I thinking about, trying this?

One of the best moments at Origins was when Craig Zipse offered to draw one of the maps our adventure. Kira had sketched out all of the maps and gave him one and the result was beautiful. He finished it the morning of the adventure. I watched him work on it a little while Jamie and I ate reuben sandwiches in the back of the booth and Jolly made fun of Craig because that's how guys talk to their friends. And I can sit there in the corner covered in reuben sauce (damn sandwich wrapper fail) and wish I was as creative as they are. Growing up I got compared to my creative brother all the time and was found lacking. Knowing I'm only supposed to draw if I can do it awesome right away is kind of a problem.

No one is great at anything right away. Craig has practice sketches. I'd like to draw the maps for my adventures and not hand it off to other people. On the last day in Columbus, Face and I went to an art store that Kira and Jamie found. I left with a stack of graph paper and pens because even though I suck, why not try it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fortunes 02

30. Not all fortunes get hacked.

I didn't finish my list before Origins. It's not my fault! I ate a fortune cookie and this was the piece of paper inside. So I applied for a promotion I did not think I was experienced enough to get. I got the job the day before I left for the convention. And now I'm too tired to type this. I keep making big long words out of several little ones. After I sleep, I'll finish 40 Things. 

Thursday, June 05, 2014


29. HackMaster Fortunes

I add HackMaster to the messages in fortune cookies. 

I'm not into giving GMs advice or sharing home brew rules. For two reasons: I don't consider myself a credible source and there are dozens of gaming blogs that address those things better than I can. Blogs about rules, maps, and advice are everywhere, but how often do you see gaming related whimsey? ;) My only advice is we need more play and less seriousness in gaming. That's why I scribble additions to fortunes during breaks at Toastmasters meetings. To lighten things up. 

Monday, June 02, 2014


28. Origins 2006 was the first big convention. The first one with swag bags, con dice, and all of the D-Team. 1d6 things about Origins:

1. GAMA doesn't update the website and the Facebook page is a little quiet, but GAMA says they don't have enough volunteers. Don't bail on them. I know that stuff frustrates fans, but Origins is awesome to its event runners.
2. The reason I say give them a chance is my friends Kira and Jamie run Fandemonium in Idaho, which has been around for over ten years. It's hard work. So if helping out at a con is possible, think about volunteering.
3. I run HackMaster at Origins. I also help with set up/tear down at the Kenzer booth.
4. I get in the way more than I help, but they let me hang out anyway. ;)
5. One year I decorated their map of Tellene with weather symbols.
6. That's how I got a job as the Tellene Weather Girl.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

1d4 Accessories

24. The orange dice
25. The blue dice
26. The yellow and blue dice

Accessories. We get hooked on accessories. I never understood why girls like shoes any more than why gamers have to have 1000000000000 dice. It's the same thing. It's gotta be.

Other accessories I dig:

Reaper Bones
Alea Tools
Sharpie Pens